Giles Chamberlin: instructor at Warborough Jujutsu Club


Giles Chamberlin is the chief instructor of the Warborough jujutsu club. Following a brief exposure to judo in the 1970's as a child, he took up the martial arts again at Bath University in 1980. Here he studied judo at the university club and aikido with sensei Paul McGlone whilst studying in Poole.

On leaving university in 1984, Giles moved to Ipswich, Suffolk where he started training with Sterling and Roy Jerry Hobbs. Though concentrating mainly on Hakko Ryu, eventually attaining yondan, Giles also studied Kamishin Ryu and was awarded nidan in that style. When the Hobbs' left Suffolk, Giles supplemented his training with Daiwa Ryu jujutsu under Tanaka and Harada sensei at the Herringswell branch of the Shitenoji schools. Together with Richard Pearman and Reg Siger, he was given permission to teach this art by Tanaka sensei.

Giles continued to study under the tutelage of Roy Jerry Hobbs and was awarded the grade of shihan in Dentokan Jujutsu. Since leaving the Dentokan in 2013, Giles now concentrates on training in, and teaching, Daiwa Ryu jujutsu.

He has been invited to teach on seminars in the UK, as well as Berlin and Aurich in Germany, Austria, and Greece.