Neil White: Instructor at Warborough Jujutsu Club


Neil White was introduced to the martial arts, in 1987, when he started training in Shukokai karate in Poole.

In 1997, whilst studying for a Masters degree at the University of Kent, Neil started training in Shorin Ryu karate under the Dentokan association. Later that year he was awarded Shodan by Sensei Stephen Chan. Whilst attending a Dentokan karate seminar in Belfast in 1999 he was graded to Nidan by Sensei Roy Jerry Hobbs. He was then privileged to be invited by Sensei Chan to travel to Okinawa, in 2001, where he was awarded Sandan by Sensei Sian Toma.

A chance encounter at a Dentokan karate and jujutsu seminar in Ipswich in 2005 introduced Neil to Sensei Giles Chamberlin. Soon he was persuaded to supplement his karate with regular jujutsu training in Warborough. By 2011 Sensei Chamberlin had imparted sufficient knowledge for Neil to be awarded Nidan in Dentokan jujutsu.

Neil continues to be bounced around the Warborough dojo by Sensei Chamberlin and is honoured to share some of the teaching duties.